You play as true love and shall reach the heart of a person before the evil love. Since love is blind, you see with the help of your heartbeat as with a sonar. Avoid traps and reach the golden heart before evil love (indicated as a snake/gradiant).

Sadly, i did not manage to implement some soundeffects ~ so please listen to your own favorite music while playing this very smal game xD

Control: WASD
Pause menu: Escape

TIPP: You have a default speed and can accelerate with pushing the "w" button. you cant really go backwards, but you can stop at your position with "s".

Also, avoid beeing in the red gradiant for to long, its symbolizing the evil snake and wanna bite you :D so speed up!

Development log


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I found the gradient a bit confusing at first, as it's hard to tell when you're in the gradient and how long you can stay there. Once I realised how I was dying, it was a fun game, great work!!! It's challenging and it fits the theme well. I'd like to see this with some random levels so I could play for longer